High-Profile Sex Abuse Cases

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Most sex abuse and harassment claims are never heard about outside the circle of their own communities, but every so often there is a case that becomes so high-profile, the entire country becomes aware of it. This is often due to the scope of the claim or the notoriety of the individuals involved. These cases require steady, experienced legal navigation that is ready to handle the intricacies inherent to these circumstances and the complications that come with significant media coverage.

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our firm is nationally recognized as a leading sexual abuse firm that has continually secured results for our clients. Not only is our team of California sexual abuse lawyers well-versed in handling media inquiries, but we have already secured favorable outcomes against high-profile defendants such as the Los Angeles Unified School District and the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese.

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What Is a “Major Case?”

A major sexual abuse case is any civil sexual abuse suit that is large in scope, involves popular public figures, or otherwise shocks the public. The Michael Jackson sexual abuse allegations are one such instance of this, as was the Penn State sexual abuse case.

Our firm is equipped to handle high profile claims involving:

We are well-acquainted with the tactics and resources these types of defendants often employ and welcome the opportunity to bring them to court on your behalf. With Manly, Stewart & Finaldi in your corner, you do not have to worry about being intimidated into silence or a low-ball settlement– we are ready to take these defendants to task and pursue maximum compensation.

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