Los Angeles County School Sexual Abuse Lawyer

School sexual abuse is every parent’s worst nightmare. School should be a place parents can trust to take care of their children and teach them the skills they need to be successful adults. Sadly, schools throughout Los Angeles County have a history of negligence and abuse against students. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are passionate about helping students who have survived sexual abuse in Los Angeles County schools. Please contact us for a confidential review of your case if you suffered school sexual abuse at any time in your life.

Why Choose Manly, Stewart & Finaldi?

  • We are a nationally recognized team that exclusively handles sexual assault and abuse claims.
  • We have represented over 100 students in school sexual abuse cases. Our lawyers work hard to achieve positive results.
  • Our attorneys have a demonstrated history of representing children abused in Los Angeles County schools 

Why You Need a School Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Schools in Los Angeles County fight to protect themselves during lawsuits, not students. They have the resources to spend on avoiding liability for student sexual abuse. An attorney can remedy the imbalance of power between a student and a school, county or school district. Hiring one of our attorneys could help you make your voice heard during a school sexual abuse lawsuit in Los Angeles. We can help you go up against powerful institutions and will do everything possible to achieve positive results while you focus on healing.

About Sexual Abuse in Los Angeles County Schools

Los Angeles County has 2,334 schools. Within these schools are almost 1.5 million enrolled students. Sadly, many of these students may be experiencing sexual abuse from school employees today. As a parent, you may be able to detect sexual abuse with a few common signs.

  • Personality or behavioral changes
  • Sudden outbursts, irritability, anger or violence
  • Decreased performance in school
  • Regression in young children
  • Inappropriate knowledge of sexual subjects or acts
  • Reluctance to go to school or be around a certain teacher

If you suspect sexual abuse, broach the subject with your child and let him or her know that it is safe to talk about what happened. Once you have reasonable cause to suspect school sexual abuse, contact an attorney from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for advice on how to move forward with a lawsuit against the school or higher educational institutions.

Why Civil Lawsuits Against School Districts for Childhood Sexual Assault Were Treated Differently, Historically, Than the Same Lawsuits Against Private Entities

In the past, survivors of childhood sexual abuse faced unique challenges when bringing personal injury lawsuits against government agencies such as school districts. Previously, the California Tort Claims Act required survivors to bring their claims within 6 (and in some cases, 12) months of the last act of sexual abuse. With the passing of Assembly Bill 218, however, the California legislature has eliminated this requirement for incidents occurring before January 1st, 2009. 

As of January 1st, 2020, most school sexual abuse survivors will no longer have to bring their claims by a tight deadline. The text of the bill erases previous restrictions the state put on claims against government entities and their employees, including schools and teachers. If you are a survivor, it is critical to seek legal advice right away from the professionals at Manly, Stewart & Finaldi. Meeting your deadline to file is the only way to fight for fair compensation from the party that caused or contributed to your sexual abuse.

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School sexual abuse is a heinous crime that could permanently impact a survivor. If you or your child is a survivor of sexual abuse within Los Angeles County, you have rights. Pursue justice and financial compensation for your physical and emotional losses with help from one of our attorneys. Contact Manly, Stewart & Finaldi today for a confidential and private consultation about your experience. We may be able to help you fight for justice.