Former LAUSD Teacher Arrested for Sexual Abuse at George De La Torre Jr. Elementary School

Former LAUSD teacher Robert Pimental has been arrested by the LAPD for allegedly molesting and abusing 20 children. The teacher left his position as a fourth-grade teacher in March 2012, soon after the investigation began.

Pimental has worked for the LA Unified School District since 1974, though the George De La Torre Jr. Elementary School only opened in 2006.

This is a breaking story and more news is sure to come out in the following days, but in the mean time you can read more about the story from these links:

The arrest of Robert Pimental for sexual abuse comes soon after news of another case about LAUSD teacher abuse, that of Mark Berndt. We are representing several victims in that case, which you can read more about here: Criminal Case Languishes, While Civil Suits Move Forward in Miramonte Scandal

Sexual abuse in public schools is a serious issue that can result in life-long trauma to the victim. If you or someone you know has been the victim of teacher abuse in public schools, contact us today to receive a free consultation from one of our qualified attorneys.