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Queens doctor Zhi (Alan) Cheng has been charged with the sexual assault of dozens of women in the New York area, many of whom were patients at New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital where he practiced.  Cheng, a gastroenterologist, stands accused of drugging, raping, and filming the assaults at his home, at the hospital where he practiced, and at several other locations, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office.

If you or a loved one are a survivor of sexual abuse perpetrated by Doctor Zhi Cheng in Queens, you deserve justice.  At Manly Stewart & Finaldi, our attorneys can help hold Dr. Cheng and the institutions that allowed the abuse to continue accountable.  We understand that coming forward after a traumatic incident such as this is incredibly difficult, but we are here to help when you are ready.

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We are the nation’s leading law firm representing victims of sexual abuse, harassment, and assaults by doctors, hospitals, and medical clinics. We have recovered more than $2 Billion on behalf of patients abused by doctors.

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  • We not only seek justice for our clients, we strive to create change at an institutional level to help prevent the same traumatic experiences from happening to others.
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Dr. Zhi Cheng “A Sexual Predator of the Absolute Worst Kind”

According to reports, Dr. Zhi Cheng received his medical license in May of 2020 and began assaulting patients sometime that year. Following his initial arrest in December, prosecutors have charged Cheng with 50 new counts after an investigation uncovered videos in Cheng’s home of him assaulting several women, along with sedative drugs like propofol and sevoflurane and narcotics.

Unfortunately, authorities believe that many more survivors may be out there.  The Queens District Attorney’s office is urging any women who think they may have been victimized to contact the Special Victims Bureau at (718) 286-6505 or via email at

What Recourse Do Survivors Have?

In situations involving serial abusers that were active over a long period, there are often many institutional failures that allow the abuse to continue.  In many cases, and perhaps this one, those failures can rise to the level of conspiracy to cover up the abuse to avoid financial liability or negative publicity.  As of today, New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital is facing lawsuits alleging just that.

According to the suit, a former patient reported that Dr. Cheng performed an unnecessary rectal examination, injected her with an unknown substance, and assaulted her while she was unconscious.  After notifying the hospital and identifying Dr. Cheng in a lineup of male employees, the hospital did not notify the police, discipline Dr. Cheng, or collect any forensic evidence.

If these allegations are true, the hospital system may be legally and financially responsible for any subsequent abuse perpetrated by Dr. Cheng.  New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital had a legal duty to protect patients and it may have failed to do so.

Act Now.  Deadline – November 23, 2023

On May 24, 2022, Governor Kathy Hochul signed the Adult Survivors Act (ASA). This legislation creates a one-year lookback period–dating six months from the signing. It allows sexual assault survivors–over 18 at the time of the attack–to sue their alleged abusers no matter when it occurred. The ASA temporarily bypasses the statute of limitations in New York for filing a civil sexual abuse lawsuit.

Thus, survivors have until November 23, 2023, to file a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator, as well as against employers or public or private institutions that knew or should have known about the sexual assault.

Contact our office to find out if this law applies to you.

At Manly Stewart & Finaldi, We Can Help

If you believe that you were assaulted by Dr. Cheng, please contact our firm as soon as you are ready.  We can investigate the facts of your case, help connect you to vital resources for survivors, and hold all responsible parties accountable.  The consultation is free and completely confidential, and you are under no obligation to retain our services.  You deserve justice for what happened, we can help you find it.

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