Doctor Sexual Abuse – Dr. Farley

Dr. David Farley of West Linn Family Health Center in Oregon is currently facing a civil lawsuit filed by former patients for sexual abuse and assault during medical examinations. Many of these patients were minors at the time. Although the Oregon Medical Board revoked Farley’s medical license in 2020, survivors believe that he should be held further accountable through the civil and criminal justice systems. We agree.

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Civil Lawsuit Recently Filed Against Dr. David Farley

Dr. David Farley started his practice at the West Linn Family Health Center in 1993. Allegations against him for sexual abuse and assault are as recent as 2019. So far, 29 women (and counting) have united in a civil lawsuit filed against Dr. David Farley seeking $290 million in damages for alleged sexual abuse, assault and professional misconduct. The attorneys in charge of the case, including John C. Manly, have spoken to more than 70 alleged victims and hope that more will find the strength to come forward.

The ongoing lawsuit accuses Farley of multiple counts of sexual abuse against his patients under the guise of reasonable and necessary medical care. Survivors’ accounts of Farley’s behaviors include conducting unnecessary and inappropriate pelvic exams, forcing patients to strip naked in front of him, using an ungloved hand to digitally penetrate patients, groping patients’ breasts, and insisting on breaking one patient’s hymen before her marriage to “make sex more pleasurable.”

The suit also names West Linn Family Health Center, Legacy Meridian Park Hospital and Providence Health & Services – Oregon as defendants. Farley was not employed by the hospitals but had the privilege to care for their patients. The lawsuit against these parties asserts that they knew or should have known that Farley was an unfit doctor and should have prevented him from continuing his contact with patients, yet negligently failed to do so.

Were You Sexually Abused by Dr. David Farley? Contact Us Right Away

Attorney John Manly stands with survivors of sexual abuse by Dr. David Farley. He believes that the Oregon Medical Board revoking Farley’s medical license for “unprofessional and dishonorable conduct” is not enough justice. He was quoted by KGW as saying, “Our goals are: first and foremost, to get our clients healing, and secondly, to get him off the street. If we accomplish that and nothing else, that’s a huge win.” He is passionate about standing up for the rights of survivors in the pursuit of justice.

If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse by Dr. Farley in his time practicing medicine at the West Linn Family Health Center, don’t hesitate to contact Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a free consultation. We will listen to your story and believe you. If we think you have grounds for a lawsuit, we can represent you when going up against Dr. Farley and the institutions that perpetuated his abuse. Call our West Coast office at (855) 944-0710 or contact us online today to learn more during a confidential case review.