Diocese of Santa Rosa Sexual Abuse Lawyer

It is incredibly important to safeguard your rights by hiring an attorney as a survivor of sexual abuse by a clergy member in the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California. A lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi can review your case, advocate for your best interests and help you go up against religious institutions. You are not in this fight alone. We can support you every step of the way while keeping your identity strictly confidential. Please contact our sexual abuse attorneys in Southern California  now for a free, private clergy abuse case evaluation near you.

Why Choose Manly, Stewart & Finaldi?

  • We have more than 20 years of experience helping sexual assault survivors.
  • We have counseled more than 150 survivors of clergy abuse in California.
  • We have a proven history of success, with more than $2 billion in total compensation.
  • We take a compassionate and understanding approach to each case.
  • We prioritize your safety, wellbeing and mental health above everything else.

When to Retain a Clergy Abuse Lawyer

Bringing a lawsuit for your sexual abuse experience can feel overwhelming. You may feel unable to face your perpetrator or to make your situation public. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we fully comprehend the severity of your circumstances. We can provide legal representation while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality at your request. Our lawyers can fight for fair compensation from the Diocese of Santa Rosa and other defendants for you, keeping your identity private, while you concentrate on healing.

Abuse in the Diocese of Santa Rosa

So far, 21 individuals are on the Diocese of Santa Rosa’s list of publicly accused priests. The Diocese made documents involving reports of sexual abuse and misconduct against minors public after facing pressure from lawsuits. If you recognize any of the names on the list, please contact us to discuss a potential lawsuit against the individual and/or diocese.

First Last Status
Anthony Bolger Sued
John J. Brenkle Cleared
John S. Crews Accused
Patrick Gleeson Sued
Patrick A. Hannon Accused
Michael Emmet Kelly Accused
Donald Wren Kimball Convicted
Patrick Joseph McCabe Convicted
John A. Meenan Accused
Francis E. Neville Accused
Vincent O’Neill Settled
Francisco Xavier Ochoa Indicted
Ted Oswald Sued
Xavier Pallathuparambil Accused
John K. Rogers Accused
Wilfred L. Sheehy Accused
Alfredo Sobalvarro Accused
Gary Timmons Convicted
James Walsh Accused
Bernard (Bernie) Ward Convicted
Ron Wiecek Accused

While having one’s name on the publicly accused list is not evidence of guilt, it is enough to cause speculation and spark a conversation among survivors. You may not be the only child your perpetrator abused. Coming forward with our help and protection could finally allow you and others to achieve justice from the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

New Statute of Limitations for California Abuse Survivors

As a survivor of clergy abuse, you may have grounds to bring a claim against more than just an individual perpetrator. The Diocese of Santa Rosa may also be liable for the role it played in facilitating abuse or assault. Dioceses have been accused of concealing abuse, failing to tell the authorities and even helping known sex offenders flee the country. Due to a new law, you now have more time than you may have had before to bring your claim.

Assembly Bill No. 218 introduces a new statute of limitations for survivors of child sexual abuse. While the previous law required plaintiffs to file claims by age 26, now plaintiffs have until age 40 (or 5 years from the date the plaintiff discovers the sources of psychological trauma is sexual abuse – whichever is longer) to file. The new law expanded the definition of childhood sexual assault, increased the time limit, revived some time-lapsed claims and increased confidentiality provisions for survivors.

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