Chula Vista Sexual Assault Attorney

If you are a survivor of sexual assault in Chula Vista, we can provide you with the support that you need to demand justice and fair financial compensation. At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, our Chula Vista sexual assault attorneys are committed to representing sexual assault and abuse survivors in civil lawsuits. We can fight to hold one or more parties accountable for the grave injustice that you suffered. Learn more today during a free, completely confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.

Why Trust Manly, Stewart & Finaldi With Your Chula Vista Sexual Assault Claim?

  • Our sexual abuse lawyers have decades of experience handling all types of sexual abuse and assault cases. We have everything you need for this type of case, including the resources and personnel.
  • We’ve been behind some of the greatest legal victories in California’s history, including multiple nine-figure global settlements for sexual abuse cases.
  • You will feel safe, heard, and protected throughout your case. We maintain a comfortable, confidential environment for our clients’ benefit.

What Is Sexual Abuse?

According to California Penal Code Section 261, sexual abuse is defined as an unwanted or nonconsensual sexual act of any nature against a victim, including kissing or touching, molestation, sexual assault, rape, and statutory rape. Sexual abuse is often used to describe an ongoing pattern of sexual assault rather than one isolated incident. However, both terms are often used interchangeably. Sexual abuse is a crime as well as a civil tort. This means that a perpetrator who commits sexual abuse or assault can face both civil and criminal penalties.

How a Chula Vista Sexual Assault Lawyer Can Help

It can be critical to hire a lawyer to represent you if you wish to bring a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse, assault or violence in California. A Chula Vista sexual assault attorney will have everything that you need to bring a strong and compelling claim against the perpetrator and/or the institution that allowed the abuse to take place. This includes special legal resources, knowledge of the law, experience going up against powerful defendants and a team of attorneys prepared to fight for your rights.

A sexual abuse attorney in California can take care of many important tasks on your behalf during the claims process, including determining the defendant(s), gathering evidence of sexual abuse or assault, taking care of confusing legal paperwork for you, and demanding maximum financial compensation. Your lawyer can do all of this and more while you focus on healing and recovering.

Types of Sexual Assault Cases We Handle

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi is one of the country’s leading law firms for sexual abuse and assault civil lawsuits. Clients come to us from all over the nation for high-quality legal representation and unparalleled customer service. Our West Coast legal team accepts all types of sexual assault and abuse cases, including:

  • Child sexual abuse 
  • Clergy sexual abuse 
  • Foster care abuse 
  • Nursing home sexual abuse 
  • Rideshare sexual assault 
  • School sexual abuse 
  • Sex crime cases, including rape 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Sports organization abuse
  • Workplace sexual abuse 
  • Youth organization sexual abuse

If you don’t see your type of case here, don’t worry – this is not a comprehensive list of every type of case that we handle. Request a one-on-one consultation with a Chula Vista sexual abuse lawyer for information about your specific situation. We are passionate about helping survivors and families work through all types of sexual abuse cases.

Warning Signs of Sexual Assault

If you believe that your child or someone else you know may be suffering from sexual assault or abuse, look for warning signs. Red flags for sexual abuse can change depending on the age of the victim and other factors. If you notice one or more of the following, don’t ignore the possibility of abuse: 

  • Genital injuries or bruises on the upper thighs
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Nightmares, bedwetting or regression
  • Sudden changes in behavior or personality
  • Depression or withdrawal
  • Feelings of fear, guilt or shame
  • Suicidal thoughts, behaviors or actions

Have an open and honest conversation with the potential victim about sexual abuse and assault. Explain that he or she is in a safe place and not in trouble. Tell them that you can help and that you will believe what they have to say. If you find further evidence of sexual assault or abuse, alert the authorities immediately and then contact a sexual assault attorney in Chula Vista, CA.

What To Do if You Were Sexually Abused in Chula Vista

First, ensure your own safety by going to the home of someone that you trust and telling them what happened. If it is an emergency, report the crime to the police immediately by calling 911. If you were sexually assaulted in the last 72 hours or you have physical injuries, go to a hospital for medical care and a sexual assault forensic exam. This can help you collect DNA evidence against the perpetrator. 

If you need professional assistance, such as to speak to a therapist to cope with what happened, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 24/7 at (800) 656-4673. When you’re ready, contact an attorney in Chula Vista to discuss your legal options. Filing a civil lawsuit can hold multiple parties accountable for the crime committed against you. A Chula Vista sexual abuse attorney can also provide emotional support and connections to critical resources during this difficult time.

Time Limits for Filing a Sexual Abuse Claim in California

In California, if you were sexually abused as a minor under the age of 18, you have until your 40th birthday to file a civil lawsuit. If you don’t discover that your mental health condition is related to child sexual abuse until after you turn 40, you will have 5 years from the date of discovery to file. If you were over the age of 18 at the time of the sexual assault, you will have 10 years from the date of the last offense or 3 years from the date of discovery to file.

Compensation for Victims of Sexual Abuse in Chula Vista, CA

A successful settlement or judgment award for a sexual abuse lawsuit in California could lead to compensation for your related:

  • Medical bills
  • Mental health counseling
  • Medications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional injuries
  • Lost wages

…and more. Even if the defendant is bankrupt, doesn’t have the resources to pay or cannot be located, you may be eligible for compensation through the California Victim Compensation Board.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Sexual Abuse Attorney in Chula Vista

Most survivors don’t come to us purely for financial reasons. They wish to have their day in court and to bring a sexual abuser to justice. We are passionate about helping our clients build the futures that they deserve – futures where they have closure for their traumatic experiences, a sense of justice and accountability, and the means to move on with greater financial peace of mind. For more information about how we can help you, contact Manly, Stewart & Finaldi for a free consultation with a sexual assault lawyer in Chula Vista. We look forward to hearing from you.